One of the first things you should do

if you want to select a medical scrub that is made with high-quality materials and will last longer is finding out where it was made. You may think this doesn't matter, but in fact, it does. Many medical scrubs brands produce their garments in the United States, but they're not of good quality.

One of the key features

is that our scrubs are machine washable. All you need to do is put them in with your next load, and they'll be as good as new! With more than just one color, you can have various medical specialties or work settings--you won't get bored with always wearing the same thing almost like a uniforms.

if your in the B2B world, we are also happy to make the garments style and color match with your house style what you won't get with any big companies like figs or jaanuu uniforms

Not convinced yet, then you should also find out where the fabric was made and what materials were used to make it. There's a bit of difference between cotton-polyester mix and 100% polyester for scrub tops because you can't bleach or wash them so quickly. With more natural fibers, such as cotton, there is less risk of causing shrinkage or pilling with repeated washing from wear and tear. You'll know when fabrics start to pill after being washed one time--it will look like lint balls on your clothes!

Each garment has its specific care instructions, which you should read before using it for the first time and for our B2B out there, we are saving you money! after all, reorder takes time and costs money. Our scrubs last longer than your current ones! try us out and see 🤷‍♀️

What makes us different is that we manufacture locally, we care greatly about our fabrics and how they're sourced, plus We are constantly learning about new materials and the latest trends in medical attire. If you care about your community's environment, you should consider small companies like our five-star uniforms, where our energy is spent making you happy. plus we are a Bahraini company 🇧🇭

After all, we set ourselves apart from other uniform suppliers because we manufacture locally in Bahrain. We have a keen eye for sourcing our fabrics ethically; plus, we're always learning about new materials and the latest trends in medical attire. If you want clothing manufactured responsibly, then small businesses such as ours might be worth considering.

after all our work wear is your headwear, after all when your brainstorm you find our uniforms 🇧🇭

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